Description of Works Carried out

In a typical Milanese farmhouse on the edges of the Parco Sud, a portion of the top floor including a portion of the loft space, in one of the court’s wings has been recovered by a French couple who fell in love with the decidedly bucolic but still urban setting.

Client : Private

Project Designer : Angela Baccaro

Intervention Date : 2005

Location : Milano

Project Description

The house, which appeared to be in rather bad shape at the start, was completely gutted and the existing roof height has been taken advantage of. As this is a conservation area, the roof itself has not been modified but, in accordance with local authorities rulings, Velux windows were opened without altering the external look of the building.

Making use of the existing roof height a mezzanine area was created overlooking the living room and kitchen. This became the designated study and chill area. A further small bedroom and bathroom complete the mezzanine.

Large Velux windows were opened to let in more natural light thus increasing both the living area and mezzanine brightness.

In order to highlight the original structure of the roof and the works of art of the Owners, keen collectors of Modern Art and Modern Antiques, the walls are predominantly white.

The materials chosen are in line with the type and style of the building within which the property is located.